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"I left my sessions feeling positive and happier. Now I have a plan to move forward towards my goal with renewed energy."

Tracey, Healthcare Professional & Entrepreneur, Hawaii, USA

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"Jenni was very attentive and compassionate. She has excellent language and listening skills; she was able to capture all of what I was trying to express. She gave me space and patience to allow me to figure out what I needed. I learned to be patient with myself personally and professionally. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Jenni. She is a powerful, strong and competent coach and this coaching allowed me to be authentically hopeful about my future. She is compassionate, present, focused and supportive in a way that makes you feel safe to share your deepest struggles. I highly recommend working with Jenni, you will experience transformation professionally and personally. Thank you Jenni!"

Florida, USA

"My work with Jenni helped me see that intention and preparation can guide you forward, while perseverance and an open mind can lead you to places you might not have imagined."


"Entering the coaching I was looking for a certified strengths-based coach to learn how to implement my strengths and talents to achieve my goals and tackle ongoing problems. That's exactly what we were doing with Jennifer. During our sessions we've created several strengths-based solutions which I'm using every day to boost up my performance."

Boston Massachusetts

"I have been working with Jenni for the past 8 months and we have been on a journey of leadership skill development. It is my great pleasure to testify that I have always found Jenni not only an expert coach but a great person. I feel no hesitation to recommend Jenni as a coach of choice with expertise in all areas of today's business processes!"

Abdul Latif
Kabul, Afghanistan

"Jennifer  is a wonderful encouraging and yet challenging coach. Her style of coaching  challenged and helped me achieve my goals. She pushed me when I needed  pushing and encouraged when I needed encouraging. She gave me space to work  through things and challenging questions when I needed. She had great timing  and fluidity in her coaching. I learned that I can achieve more than I  thought I could and be more than I thought I could be. I increased business  and confidence."

South Carolina, USA

"I always looked forward to my coaching sessions with Jenni as they were enjoyable insightful. I left my sessions feeling positive, happier with a plan to move forward towards my goal with renewed energy and possibilities. Jenni is a patient, caring and non-judgmental coach and a good listener; I highly recommend her."

Hawaii, USA

"Jenni is a great coach, supportive, intuitive and she uses silence well, to help her clients move forward. Her knowledge of Strengthfinder as well as her encouragement to think creatively was amazing. I would highly recommend Jenni as a coach as she creates a warm, environment for clients as they explore their potential!"

Vancouver, Canada

I had the good fortune of getting coached by Jenni. I found her very insightful and her intuition power is very well developed. I found her very keen on benefiting me on my goals. She is a great listener and allowed me to speak my mind, yet mindful of time and asking some very good questions. She made me comfortable right from the word go, which paved way for me benefiting from this engagement immensely. I would recommend her wholeheartedly and wish her all the success in her future assignments. Thanks Jenni for helping me in my journey.

VP of Operations, Gurgaon

"Jenni has helped me in becoming more focused about my personal goals, through her asking of good questions and even paraphrasing/rephrasing my own thoughts in order for me to see myself with greater clarity. In addition, she has also been able to help me break these large and vague goals, into smaller and practical steps to be undertaken. Furthermore, as I easily lose my original focus due to the demands of life, she has often been able to keep me reminded of my original intentions. With the greater focus and constant realigning of my motives and intentions, Jenni has helped me pursue goals which are intrinsically me, yet are also so easily blurred by life’s distractions. "

HR Manager, Singapore

"Thank you so much for helping me discover my strengths and for coaching me. My gratitude to you for your support."

Ecological Specialist, Senegal

"Jenni was an amazing coach who helped me realize what was and wasn't important to me in my life. She was very easy to talk to, and never shied away from asking me tough questions. She is brilliant in asking questions in a way that you realize what you've wanted all along. I was able to make better decisions for me on my own because of her help!"

Biomedical Engineer, Michigan

"She is very professional in her approach. She allowed me to explore my issue at my pace and helped me explore it from all angles. I enjoyed her sessions very much. "

Educator. Mumbai

“Jenni  is a fabulous trainer and we thoroughly enjoyed the Strengths-Based  Leadership Workshop she delivered. Thank you!”

IT Professional, Bangalore

“She  helped me clear my mind on a few issues that had clustered my thinking. I was  able to figure out that I was stretched too thin and had to step back and do  one thing at a time. That was a good insight and it brought an incredible  amount of relief to me.”

Accountant, South Africa

"Cuando tuve la oportunidad de tener sesión con Jenni, fue una gran experiencia que quisiera volver a tener. Realmente descubrí que había muchas cosas de las cuales no hablaba con nadie, es decir: sueños, metas y aun miedos que con nadie había compartido. Un gran tiempo y muy útil para mi crecimiento como persona y ser humano. Gracias!"

Entrepreneur, Mexico

"I found  my experience with What If Coaching Services to be tremendously beneficial  and would highly recommend it for you as an individual or for your  organization as a whole. Jenni was professional, relational and uniquely  cares about the growth and development of her clients. After having a couple  coaching sessions with Jenni, I found it to be so beneficial that I asked her  do a group coaching session with the team that I lead within a larger  organization. The group coaching opened the eyes of my team as to how we can  benefit individually and as a team from understanding and relying on each  others strengths. Strengths Finder is a great resource but when you add the  coaching component, it becomes truly transformational to how one things,  operates and leads."

Russ V.

“My  coaching time with Jenni was definitely a positive experience! She is so easy  to connect with and is passionate and knowledgeable about what she does.  Knowing more about myself and what makes me tick through StrengthsFinder has  helped me to be more strategic in my approach to life and work. The things we  discussed helped me to understand more of how I got to where I am today and  fueled me to recognize and pursue what I love.”

American Living in Asia

"Jenni  is a great coach. If you want to gain insight on your strengths through  Strengthsfinder, Jenni is a trained facilitator and can help you gain insight  into yourself and help take you to the next level."

North Carolina, USA

"I  appreciated the consultation time, thoughtful questions, and careful  listening Jen provided during our session. Although I had reviewed my  Strengthsfinder results previously, she helped me understand how each  strength interacted with the others, which is a facet I hadn’t understood  before. I also benefitted from her expertise by learning about each strength  on a deeper level. The experience gave me a better holistic understanding of  how my strengths impact my daily life, which is helpful both personally and  professionally."

Chicago, IL

"Jenni  provided me the tools to step forward in my own life. Not telling me what to  do, but giving me the freedom to think critically about myself. Then being  able to process that effectively and tangibly as it relates to me."

American Living in Asia

"I learned from Jenni’s openness and desire to provide her clients with value  how important these personal character strengths are in my coaching practice  as well."

West Virginia, USA

"Jenni  introduced me to Strengths Finder and other coaching techniques that were new  to me. She provided great clarity and focus around her own coaching journey  that inspired me to follow suit."

New Zealand

"Jenni  listened to me and helped me learn things about myself that enabled me to  make the changes I want. The coaching she provided helped me make changes  that improve my health now and for the future."

Nevada, USA

"Jennifer  is an excellent coach, listens intently and is totally present for her client  during the session. She is also goal focused and able to hold the client to  the agenda to work towards their vision. She questions and supports the  client in exploring new possibilities and learning. I would highly recommend  Jennifer as a coach to any client."

Dublin, Ireland

"Jennifer  helped me gain greater awareness around my strengths and how they influence  my thought processes and actions. Her collaborative, supportive, and direct  coaching met me where I was and at the same time encouraged me to push past  limiting boundaries. Her questions led me to develop strategies that were  aligned with my strengths and considered those that rarely show up. Thanks  Jennifer!"

New York, USA

"The  Cultural Intelligence training that What If Coaching provided helped our  diverse team understand each other’s values and communicate more effectively.  We also identified the cultural issues we’re facing as an organization and  discussed the cultural values influencing these situations. It was a very  enriching workshop!"

Chicago, IL

"She is  a deep thinker who is committed to learning, teaching and growing. She is  willing to step outside her comfort zone which I greatly admire."

Florida, USA

"I was  very pleased with my session with Jennifer. She was very helpful and  communicated quickly when helping me plan and prepare for the session. The  coaching time itself was very insightful and engaging. I felt that I came  away with new insights into my personal strengths and ideas for moving  forward with developing them. She also followed up with me later and sent  more resources and steps for moving forward with strengths based coaching.  Highly recommended."

Chicago, IL

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Everybody wants to live a fulfilling life but we often face limitations and setbacks that hinder us from achieving our goals. We can feel overwhelmed by all that’s on our plates. This has detrimental affects on our health, professional development, well being, work, family, and overall outlook on life. Coaching will help you regain health, have a vision for your life, improve relationships, and have more success at work.

"There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?” … but what if you fly?"

- Erin Hanson

We offer corporate workshops on Personal Health Planning, Strengths Based Leadership, and Cultural Intelligence as well as one-on-one Professional Coaching. We can work together to help you overcome limitations, achieve goals, explore possibilities,
and live life to the full!

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About Jenni

Jenni is a supportive and collaborative coach who loves to partner with her clients as they realize their potential and reach their goals. Her clients have described her as easy to connect with, a careful listener, collaborative, professional, and encouraging. They’ve remarked how at the end of the sessions they feel empowered and ready to move forward to reach their goals.

She is passionate, not only about helping her clients grow and develop, but about continuing to develop herself as a coach. She loves to learn new ways to better serve those she works with and has many tools she can bring into the coaching session like StrengthsFinders, Cultural Intelligence Assessment, Mindmapping, and Personal Health Planning.

She knows the power of asking “What If…” and how it can shift our perspective and open up possibilities we never before knew existed. Seeing and exploring “what if” possibilities can be a game changer.

She is available to work with individuals and teams and can work in English and Spanish though she is most comfortable in English.

She believes in helping her clients unlock their potential in order to live the lives they were made for.

In addition to being an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, she is also a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, a Cultural Intelligence Center Advanced Professional, and a Duke University Certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential (source: www.coachfederation.com)

Who would benefit from coaching?

Anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves. This includes people who have a goal they want to reach, dream they want to pursue, or those who want to grow in self-awareness or leadership skills.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Counseling is about healing the past and coaching focuses on moving toward a fuller life by reaching goals that are important to them.

What results do our clients usually achieve?

Our clients remark that the coaching journey takes courage, vulnerability, and focus. They say they feel more confident, accomplished, and they are able to see clear results by the end.

I am based in another country, can I still be coached?

Yes, we have worked with clients from 27 different countries. Some of those have been face-to-face meetings as our coaches are ready and willing to travel but most of them have been handled through Zoom. We can easily meet online no matter where in the world you are :)

How many coaching sessions do you provide?

We have many different coaching programs. Connect with us for a consultation call and we’ll recommend a program that will fit you goals. Our programs usually last 1-6 months.

Do you provide free consultation?

Yes! You can sign up for a free consultation here www.support.explorewhatif.com

Do you do workshops?

Yes, we work with corporates and non profits to help them grow in leadership, cultural intelligence, awareness of unconscious bias or in team building.

Do you offer group process facilitation?

Yes, is your team in the middle of a decision or a transition? Bring in our facilitators to help your group stay engaged, meet your goals, and have fun while doing it.

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